Tips To Make Dark Mehndi Color

Tips To Make Dark Mehndi Color-

First of all, go for a good quality cone which will really affect the color of your mehndi. Another thing quality cones do is they extend the longevity of your mehndi designs. The normal mehndi cones hardly last even for a week which annoying peeling of layers. check out more Tips To Make Dark Mehndi Color-

It’s vital to dispose of any oil or soil before you sit to apply mehndi. Thus, wash your hands and feet (if applying on feet additionally) with a decent mellow chemical first. Try not to apply any salve or cream before applying mehndi. Nearness of any conceivable layers on your skin will impede the retention of mehndi. Dispensing with this thus will normally give a dim shading.Allow your mehndi to sit on your hands overnight for a perfect dark color.

1. Don’t use water to wash off your mehndi. Use a blunt knife to scrape off the dry mehndi. If mehndi is too rigid then apply some baby oil or coconut oil and scrap it off.

2. If you love the color of henna on hands then go for thicker patterned mehndi design instead of delicate thin designs. Going for a design with a mix of both thick and thin lines is also a good idea.

3. If you like bling add some glitter and stones to your mehndi design after it has been scraped off. you get tiny rhinestone type bindis in bangle shops which look great with mehndi designs.

4. After washing your hands apply eucalyptus oil to your hands and feet. Not only does it smell good, but the oil actually helps darken the color of mehndi.

5. It is trusted that the smoke from warmed cloves helps mehndi to get dark. Place a few cloves in a pan and let the smoke originating from the cloves interact with your mehndi. Hold your hands out for whatever length of time that you can tolerate the warmth and stop just when they begin to hurt a bit.

6. Apply a blend of sugar and lemon juice to your hands after your mehendi has dried totally. Spot it on delicately utilizing a cotton ball. Try not to run over the edge with it as the juice may wind up helping the shading.

At last, do not touch water before 24 hours. Water will wash away the best layer of the Mehendi and not enable the shading to truly enter profoundly into your skin.